Protect Your Invention Without Spending Money on a Patent

My name is Don Brown, and one day while working as a fitness trainer in a health club I had an idea for an invention that would make sit-up exercises a little easier.

I decided to take action and turn my idea into a product. With a piece of pipe, some duct tape, and a cushion, I made a working model. The product worked perfectly, and two years later I was a millionaire. More than 10 million people own Ab Rollers today, and it continues to sell in stores all over the world.

I never went to college, I am not an engineer, and my f amily never had any money. I had a good idea, I took action, and I INVENTED MYSELF RICH— and so can you. All it takes is one good idea.

But, the process doesn't stop there; You must also protect that good idea. In my free video, I'll explain how.

You will also learn:

  • My story and how I got started.
  • The 3 biggest mistakes most inventors make.
  • Tips for a successful invention.

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To Your Success,
Don Brown - Inventor, Ab Roller